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Serverless PHP

Running apps without worrying about servers
When your applications grow, you must increase your server resources, by the metrics of the dedicated server.

When your application has fewer visitors you are paying the same price as when has more visitors.

Traditionally, you need to pay attention to server metrics and always downgrade/upgrade your server by your needs. In a serverless variant when your server had huge traffic, you don’t need to worry about your performance because your server takes care of that.

You only pay when your code is running
If you have a serverless instead dedicated server you pay only when you use resources. That means when you don’t have visitors you are don’t paying anything to the service provider. In that variant, you are saving your money. Many companies are saved a lot of money because of the serverless model.

Could DDoS or DoS attacks increase your paycheck? Yes, they can but only if you don’t protect your server. Prevent, or pay more, it’s up to you.

Service providers
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure

Is the serverless future?
In some cases it’s worth, for some cases, it is not worth it.
I think that you should try it and pick a relevant option for you.

Dusan Pesut

Dusan Pesut

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