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Angular Development Services by Guaranteed Software

Develop dynamic and scalable real-time web applications with the industry standard JavaScript library designed to simplify the development process and improve the user experience..

AngularJS is one of the most powerful open-source front-end development frameworks which allows us to create powerful web portals and applications with outstanding UI. The framework is widely used for Single Page applications; however, it is a great tool for social media apps, job portals, payment systems and more.

AngularJS can significantly simplify the development process by synchronizing models and views. It is flexible and allows the developers to reduce the amount of code extending the functionality of the existing HTML code at the same time, which allows us to create more powerful applications.

The framework is kept up-to-date and is constantly upgraded in the new versions offering a variety of new features. With newer versions, we can create high-performance and secure websites and apps. Some of the AngularJS services we offer include:

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Web Development

With AngularJS we are able to create well-structured custom websites and web applications of high quality. The framework is a helpful tool to design such systems as social media sites, job portals, payment systems, interactive apps, e-learning systems, etc.

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Mobile Development

Our developers can also help you build native mobile apps that will run on the mobile platforms of your choice. With the simplicity in coding offered by AngularJS, your project will be finished fast, well-tested and ready to run across various platforms. We can also provide the ongoing support to ensure that if any issues appear in the app performance, they are immediately fixed.

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Entertainment Portals

AngularJS is a suitable framework to build video or audio-based applications which are gaining outstanding popularity today. We can build well-versed music and video sharing applications to help you grow your business and easily spread your content to the public.

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We can also help you upgrade your existing project to the latest version of the framework (everything from 1.0 to 4.0). Our developers keep up-to-date with all the latest trends of the technology and can help migrate your app or website without quality loss and preserving the core functionality of your system.

Why Choose Guaranteed Software?

Here, at Guaranteed Software, our first priority is to provide a first-class service to our customers together with full-time support at any stage of the project development. We understand and precisely follow the requirements of our clients and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

We employ only the best in the area with senior developers who can quickly solve arising issues, help you with professional advice on your current or future projects and provide you with high-quality software strictly up to your requirements.

To each and every one of our customers, we offer 24/7 full-time support, meaning that you can contact us even after business hours with any of your inquiries. Whether you need advice or quote on your future project or immediate assistance with the current one, our support team is ready to help at any suitable time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your original idea and let us create an outstanding program for you out of it.

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