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Blockchain Development

For custom decentralized projects

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Decentralized Application Development

The essence of blockchain development is creating peer-to-peer systems that rely on immutable data records. Applications that are built using blockchain technologies are highly secure. This is why blockchain is regarded as a key framework in the future of the internet and development in general.

We help businesses that are aware of the present and future importance of blockchain technologies to develop custom applications that will set them aside as true innovators in their fields.

Outsourcing application development to us can be done at any stage of the project. Our senior developers are equally adept at starting a new project from scratch or at taking over a partially built one.

Our blockchain offer

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Smart contracts

highly secure contracts that cannot be forged due to their decentralized nature. Very useful for applications that have to do with crowdsourcing, auctions, escrow or digital wallets.

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maybe the most famous use of blockchain technology. We can help you include cryptocurrencies such as Blockchain and Ethereum in your applications. Or we can even assist you in creating a cryptocurrency of your own.

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Blockchain security

relies on cryptography and is the future of digital security. Our team can help you secure your data using blockchain verification processes.

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Supply chains

blockchain allows for fully transparent supply chains with clear data dissemination. We can help you digitalize bureaucratic paperwork and approval processes.

Why Guaranteed agency?

As a full-service digital agency, we pride ourselves to be working only with senior talent and to dedicate personal attention to each of our clients in order to meet or exceed their expectations. We’re proficient in technologies used in blockchain development such as Java, Javascript, Python or Perl.

We offer a variety of outsourcing models that you can choose from such as fixed-price projects, on-going dedicated teams or BOT (Built Operate Transfer).

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