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MySQL is an open source database management system and it’s the most popular solution used with PHP. Having such a widespread use, MySQL is used in millions of websites throughout the web, including some of the largest ones out there such as Twitter or Wikipedia.

Initially developed by a Swedish company as an alternative to mSQL, MySQL became hugely popular due to its clear advantages over the previous solution:

Highly scalable
Easy to use and administrate
Easy to integrate with cloud solutions
Very suitable for enterprise projects
Low operating cost

MySQL Development

One of the main benefits of using MySQL is a low ownership cost, by not needing dedicated SQL servers or pricy licenses. Furthermore, MySQL offers unlimited database hosting which means that you can create as many databases as your company needs without any additional costs.

Programming in MySQL all about scalability due to the small memory footprint it has even for the most massive data warehouses. Furthermore, MySQL comes with a stable ‘storage-engine framework’ which allows it to run applications at maximum performance levels.

Data integrity and security is another crucial aspect when working in MySQL. The framework is very suited to built highly secure applications. Backups for keeping data safe are easy to create and deploy. And last but not least, MySQL relies on clusters of servers in order to have 24/7 uptime that further adds to application security.

MySQL Services

At Guaranteed Network we provide top-class MySQL development services for all types of enterprises. As we only employ senior talent or results always meet or exceed the standards of our clients, regardless of the service they opt for.

As a full-service agency, we offer the full spectrum of MySQL development services such as:

Database architecture planning & support
Application design and development (with PHP)
Integration and migration services
Database optimization
Backup or restoring lost data
Consultancy services
Solutions for e-commerce
Maintenance and on-going support

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