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PHP is one of the most popular development languages for web applications and is one of the core technologies we utilize at Guaranteed Software. Furthermore, we support development in legacy 5.x code bases, as well as modern 7.x endeavors.

PHP is generally used in combination with different other languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. Due to its hyper versatility, we have utilized it on several varied assignments, including:

Web application development
Mobile application development
API development and integrations
Custom scripts
Content management systems
E-commerce solutions
CRM solutions
and many others.

Modern PHP web and mobile application development usually involves working within frameworks such as Laravel, Symphony, Lumen, CakePHP and Zend to name a few. Other times, an application has taken the route of building its own custom infrastructure. Our developers are highly experienced software engineers, experienced with all of the popular PHP frameworks and equipped with the abstract understanding of software architecture on the whole. This allows us to successfully engage in all PHP assignments regardless of its architectural origins. This means that our clients' projects are delivered in a timely manner and at the highest industry standards.

Why work with us?

A full spectrum of services:

Guaranteed Software delivers on all types of custom PHP projects ranging from web and application development to API integrations to CMS/CRM solution and beyond.

Experienced team:

Since we are composed of senior-level talent, you can be sure that your project will meet or exceed industry standards. We take the fear out of outsourcing consistently delivering to certifiably satisfied customers.

Increased security:

Regardless if we’re building a small app or enterprise-level, at Guaranteed Software, we are very mindful to security concerns. With us, you can be certain that your future product will be developed to mitigate any negative effects of possible malicious attacks.

Accessibility and Transparency:

Starting from the initial wireframe and roadmap, on through to milestone delivery and beyond, you’ll always be aware of the internal details of our work and where your project stands. We believe that transparency and constant communication have been key factors in what has allowed us to succeed at such a large scale. As such, we provide the means for tracking and communication such as Slack, Asana task management, Github repositories, and staging servers. Of course, if you have your own systems in place, we are great at seamlessly adapting your current workflow standards.

Ongoing support

During the entirety of our collaboration, we’ll be in almost constant contact. You will always be able to reach us, within and outside business hours no matter which time zone that you are in.

If you want to work with a team of professionals that offer world-class PHP services, please get in touch with us. We’ll schedule a completely free discovery call in which we’ll discuss your needs and goals. Based on our conversation we’ll see if we’re a good match for you.

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