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PHP Development

PHP is one of the most popular development languages for web applications and is one of the core technologies we utilize at Guaranteed Software. Guaranteed Software is a full-service development agency backed by vast experience in working with enterprise-level clients.

Guaranteed Software - Custom Development services

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Couldn't be happier with the quality of work and the communication throughout the process. They lead the way and spend lots of time figuring out issues. The Guaranteed Software team is great and awesome to work with!


Custom PHP

If you plan to build a website, it is essential to choose the best development solution that will be stable and safe in years to come. PHP is one of the most popular and widely accepted programming languages constantly developed and used by professional developers worldwide. We support development in legacy 5.x codebases, popular 7.x versions, as well as modern 8.x endeavors.PHP is generally used in combination with other languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. Due to its hyper versatility, we have utilized it on several varied assignments, including:

web application developers

Web application development

mobile apps development

Mobile application development

API development Guaranteed Software

API development and integrations

custom web development scripts

Custom scripts

custom cms development services

Content management systems

WooCommerce web services - ecommerce development

E-commerce solutions

CRM customizations Guaranteed Software

CRM solutions

Custom php web development Guaranteed Software

and many others.


Project Takeover

Do you have an existing PHP system or a website and need help to improve it further?If you have an existing project or website and need someone to take it over and improve on it, we got you covered! Guaranteed Software has vast experience in improving websites and web solutions built by other developers.We'll analyze the existing code and suggest changes that we think will improve your website. Not only that, but our team can also fully take over your current project and enhance it with new features that will ensure you a leading position in your industry.We can implement new functionalities to your existing web solutions.

Migration and Legacy Systems Update

If you are consider upgrading software system written in PHP, you came to the right place. Technology is continually evolving, and it is essential to have a website that follows the latest coding standards.Transferring functionalities to the new up-to-date system can be challenging. Guaranteed Softwares' senior developer team will ensure safe and stable upgrades without interruption in your website's running time. Large and complex projects will be divided into stages where transferring functionalities will be carefully double-checked on the staging website. Before every new functionality is implemented onto your live website, it will be sent for review to the lead software engineer, and only after approval, it will be implemented.


Performance Optimization

Website performance can be negatively impacted by too complex PHP data structures, incorrect server or system configuration. As a result, your website functionality and speed can decrease, leading to a high bounce rate (website visitors leaving your website without converting) and an overall bad user experience. Guaranteed Software will help you to build a fast, reliable, and safe website; by using logs and tests, our senior developers will discover potential performance problems and present a proposal best suited for your website environment.

Use the full potential
of your eCommerce shop!

If you plan to start an eCommerce business today, more than ever, you need to have a safe, reliable, and fast eCommerce shop. To ensure conversions, you need to have a reliable online store that will impress potential customers with its functionality and design. Guaranteed Software offers you our service of creating eCommerce websites based on PHP, HTML, and CSS technology.

Some of the E-commerce solutions we offer include:

php web development - payments

Payment Gateway Integration

Secure Payment Processing

Cart development

Customizable Shopping Cart

Multi Currencies Shopping Option

Multi Currencies Shopping Option

software for increased productivity

Increased Productivity


SSL or HTTPS encryption and support

php web development - order tracking

Order Tracking

PHP Integrations

Suppose you want to integrate your online shop with shipping service, payment processors, connect a Google map location of your business with your website, Guaranteed Software can take care of it all. We offer a large selection of PHP integrations to improve your business and ensure a leading position in your niche. Modern PHP web and mobile application development usually involves working within frameworks such as Laravel, Symphony, Lumen, CakePHP, and Zend, to name a few. Other times, an application has taken the route of building its custom infrastructure.Our developers are highly experienced software engineers, experienced with all of the popular PHP frameworks, and equipped with an abstract understanding of software architecture on the whole. This allows us to successfully engage in all PHP assignments regardless of their architectural origins. This means that our clients' projects are delivered in a timely manner and at the highest industry standards.


Web and Mobile Development

If you are thinking of creating a messaging app, an online food ordering app, music app, or any other type of mobile application, Guaranteed Software is the way to go.

Here are some of the web services we offer:

Web development Guaranteed Software

Creating Backend and Frontend Control Panels

mobile apps development

Mobile applications with PHP

custom web functions development

Development of custom functions

Programing automated systems and algorithms

Programing automated systems and algorithms

Senior Developers

Guaranteed Software is a full-service development agency backed by vast experience in working with enterprise-level clients. Our senior developers are highly valued software engineers managing enterprise software projects and ensuring clean and reliable code to our clients.Since we employ only senior-level talent, you can be sure that your project will meet or exceed industry standards. We take the fear out of outsourcing consistently delivering to certifiably satisfied customers.

Accessibility and Transparency

Starting from the initial wireframe and roadmap to milestone delivery and beyond, you’ll always be aware of the internal details of our work and where your project stands. We believe that transparency and constant communication have been key factors in what has allowed us to succeed on such a large scale. As such, we provide the means for tracking and communication such as Slack, Asana task management, Github repositories, and staging servers. Of course, if you have your own systems in place, we are great at seamlessly adapting your current workflow standards.Guaranteed Softwares projects are delivered in a timely manner and at the highest industry standards.

Improved security

Increased security

Regardless if we’re building a small app or enterprise-level, at Guaranteed Software, we are very mindful of security concerns. With us, you can be certain that your future product will be developed to mitigate any negative effects of possible malicious attacks.

custom cms development services


Guaranteed Software delivers on all types of custom PHP projects ranging from web and application development to API integrations to CMS/CRM solution, and beyond.

Guaranteed Software Support

Ongoing support

One of our highest priorities is our clients' complete satisfaction, which we provide with stellar customer support. During the entirety of our collaboration, we'll be in almost constant contact. You will always be able to reach us within and outside business hours, no matter which time zone you are in.


What PHP frameworks do you use?

We mainly use Laravel to create dynamic and high-performing web applications and Symfony for the development of websites, portals and web applications.

Why should we select PHP for developing our web applications?

PHP runs on most platforms, and some of them are Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. PHP is also compatible with almost all servers used today, such as Apache, IIS, etc. When you choose a PHP-developed application or website, you choose a reliable, safe, and stable solution.

Could we get a mobile-first website?

Yes. Guaranteed Software can create a mobile-first website or online store. Today, when over 70% of users search for services and products via mobile devices, it is essential that your site or online store is fully responsive and ready. A Mobile-first website could mean "make it or break it" for your business success, and we are here to help you make it!

How much time do you need to develop a web application or a website?

It all depends on the complexity of any given project. For example, developing a static website takes less time compared to a full eCommerce website. The same applies to web applications. When we start consultations with your team, and when you present your idea to us, we will give you an exact estimate.


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