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Custom made Android and IOS apps at the highest industry standards

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As smartphones become ever more ubiquitous, even in developing countries, mobile apps are also greatly increasing in popularity. In order to be relevant in today's market, and even more so in the market of tomorrow, industry-leading businesses need to at least to cater to the mobile consumers, if not even completely focus on them.  

We at Guaranteed Network, are aware of these trends and the needs that arise for businesses that want to keep pace with the competitive marketplace. This is why we provide high-quality mobile development services that adhere even to the most strict standards. As we work with senior talent exclusively, we guarantee that the end product will meet or even exceed your expectations.

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iOS Apps

iOS is Apple’s development platform and it represents one of the powerhouses when it comes to mobile apps. Although most iOS apps are developed for iPhones, the iconic smartphone, there are countless apps for other devices as well such as iPods, iPads, Apple Watches or Apple TV.

Android Apps

Android is the other big player in the mobile app platforms. Being an open-source platform, backed by Google, many different companies use the Android system for their apps such as Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, HTC etc. With about 80% market share in terms of the number of users, Android should be a key objective for any company that plans on building custom apps.

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Our team can cater to both iOS and Android business needs. From producing an app from scratch to refactoring an existing app and maintenance, we offer the entire pallet of services. One of the most popular requests is recreating apps from iOS to Android and the other way around.

A word on security

We are highly aware that mobile apps store sensitive customer data. This is why we prioritize on security for every app we build. Even from the early stages of development, we make sure to follow the highest security standards possible. This way we make sure that beaches or data leaks are highly unlikely as the userbase grows.

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