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Why cloud?

Cloud platforms have taken over the tech world and are here to stay. The main appeal is the decentralized nature of cloud computing which brings in a lot of benefits such as increased speed and security and lower operational costs.

Using cloud development, companies can drastically reduce the complexity they would otherwise need to face when using their own server environments. This, in turn, frees up valuable resources that can be redirected to other internal projects.

Cost is another important factor as cloud solutions are generally cheaper than the classic approach. This mainly happens due to reduced setup costs and also because you pay as you go only for the resources that are actually used.

Our services for cloud solutions


Detailed discussion with our team about your business and it’s goals. We’ll be inspired by your passion and we’ll understand what we support building cloud projects from scratch using the latest methodologies and technologies such as DevOps and Amazon Web Servers (AWS). you need from your future website.


do you have a self-hosted project that you want to transition to the cloud? Our team of senior developers has extensive experience in handling legacy migrations to the cloud.


as your business grows, new requirements show up all the time. We can offer on-going support to applications build by ourselves or inherited from previous developers


most projects are not 100% on the cloud, especially when using 3rd party solutions for parts of the environment. So there’s usually the need to have cloud and on-premise communications.

Data optimization and analytics

optimizing your cloud environment in the right way can lead to large amounts of saved costs in the long run. A real-time reporting system can allow you to keep costs under control.

Why Guaranteed agency?

We’re a full-service development agency that only works with senior talent. Furthermore, we like to keep things close and personal, so each client will get real-time attention from our staff. You can even get in touch with us during non-office hours!

Another important value we adhere to is that we’re always choosing solutions that are the best fit for the client’s needs, regardless if it’s not lucrative for us. Clients really do come first at Guaranteed Network.

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