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Magento is one of the market leaders of the e-commerce platform segment. It’s increased popularity is due to several reasons such as a high degree of flexibility and a long market presence.

Having been acquired by Adobe in June 2018 for 1.6bn dollars, Magento is one of the market leaders of the e-commerce platform segment. It’s increased popularity is due to several reasons such as a high degree of flexibility and a long market presence.

However, Magento’s high degree of flexibility comes with a price. Even with the recent improvements in Magento 2, customizing the platform requires a high degree of technical skill. For this reason, most e-commerce stores that use Magento either rely on in-house teams or outsource the customization process.

At Guaranteed Software, we’re aware of this platforms’ complexity and are here to help our clients make the most of what Magento has to offer. With the help of our highly experienced developers, we’re able to offer a full spectrum of Magento development services for all sizes of businesses.

Complete range of Magento services

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Support and maintenance

Running an e-commerce site is an ongoing task that requires continuous diligence. We would like to offer ourselves as your long-term partner, servicing your day to day needs.

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Magento 2 Migration

Are you upgrading your old Magento 1 site to Magento 2? We know this can be quite a challenge. With scores of successful Magento migrations behind us, let us take this cumbersome task off your hands.

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Webstore creation

Whether you are starting a new store or migrating from another platform, we can get you up and running on the Magento platform, integrating your designs, and building or customizing your extensions. If you need high-end design for your future store, we can take care of that too! We also can assist you from the absolute start which includes live server, database, and administration setup.

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Customization services

With Magento, you can customize almost every part of your e-commerce store with the future in mind. We have an extensive history of covering a wide range of extension development for M1 and M2. Therefore, wherever your imagination takes you, we can implement your solution.

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The average Magento store uses many 3rd party extensions such as marketing tools, shipping and logistics software, and payment processors. Sometimes, integrating a 3rd party service is not that difficult. However, there are many times where it is a daunting task for non-experts. This is especially difficult because extensions must be made to be compatible with other pre-existing 3rd party extensions and local site customization. In this area, we excel. We will thoroughly handle any integration challenges that you may face.

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Custom extensions

You’ve searched and tried others, but still, you can’t find an extension that does exactly what you need. No worries! We’re experts at creating M1 and M2 custom extensions. We’ll work with you from specification to delivery to ensure that we build that extension that brings you the competitive edge.

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Speed optimization

Speed is a crucial aspect of your store as it directly influences both the conversion rate and your rankings in search engines. Since Magento stores can get bulky, site loading speed can be affected as a result. We can help you get blazing fast loading speeds.

These are just part of the Magento related services that Guaranteed Sofware offers. Since we’re a full-service agency it’s impractical to list the full spectrum of our dedicated services, which go so far to even include marketing promotions. So regardless of your current Magento needs, do get in touch with us for a completely free discovery call. We’ll assess your needs and suggest the best way forward for your project.

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