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MongoDB Development Services by Guaranteed Software

MongoDB is an open-source object-oriented NoSQL database. It is simple, scalable and provides high performance as well as it is easy to implement and use.

MongoDB is an open-source object-oriented NoSQL database. It is simple, scalable and provides high performance as well as it is easy to implement and use. Unlike traditional relational databases (e.g., MySQL), it uses a collection to store the data objects in separate documents. In simple terms, it stores the data in an unstructured format.

Because of its schema-less structure, MongoDB provides high availability, high performance, and automatic scaling. With these features, the database allows to significantly accelerate the data retrieval process which speeds up the development process and the performance of the system using it.

MongoDB is an excellent tool in the development of such systems as e-Commerce apps, content management, real-time applications, social networking sites and more. Below, we have listed some of the general services we offer with this technology.

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Web Development

MongoDB is a practical tool in the development of websites and web applications. It helps us to create fast and powerful web portals such as social networks, high-traffic, and big-data applications, etc., that require fast data retrieval and processing. It efficiently works together with multiple programming languages such as PHP, Node.JS, Javascript, C++ and more.

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E-Commerce Development

Thanks to its high performance and data accessibility, MongoDB is useful in the creation of e-Commerce websites and applications. Our developers can help you make a user-friendly e-Commerce store that will process a high volume of simultaneous requests while preserving uninterrupted and fast operation.

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Mobile Development

We can also help you create mobile applications for various areas of business: real-time apps, messengers, social media, data processing and more. With MongoDB database, we can provide multi-user apps that will work fast and smooth.

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