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What is AngularJS and What is it Used for?

Is Angularjs the best front-end technology for web development?

What is really Angularjs?

What is a practical application for Angularjs?

When should you use Angularjs and what are the benefits?

Cons of using Angularjs

Is Angularjs the best front-end technology for web development?

We can all agree that we have entered the technological era. The age in which information technology rules allows us unprecedented technological progress. Employers worldwide are looking for professional staff from various IT sectors to improve their business and survive in a relentless game where businesses rise overnight to the stars but just as easily disappear. The most sought-after developers include professional staff who has great programming skills in languages ​​such as Java, Javascript, Python, HTML, C #, C ++, PHP, and many others. According to research by the website, JavaScript is ranked second as the best and most popular programming language used by developers worldwide. 

According to their report, JavaScript is used by 80% of developers to develop 95% of sites in the world. We will agree that this is an imposing number. According to their list, HTML is in 3rd place, and this is understandable because HTML as a programming language forms the basis with the help of which one enters AngularJS as well as many other programming languages. It is relatively easy to understand and interesting and represents a good springboard in the world of programming and developing various applications across the digital environment.

In this article, we will try to show you AngularJS at its best. Still, we will play fair and explain the potential disadvantages of this programming language that you will encounter in applying AngularJS in the development of application solutions.

Before we conclude that AngularJS is one of the best programming languages ​​for developing various application solutions, we need to explain what exactly AngularJS is, when it is used, what it is used for, its advantages, and what are its disadvantages.

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What is really Angularjs?

AngularJS is an open-source framework developed by Google in 2009. Since then, it has been one of the most popular Java frameworks. AngularJS is a structural framework that aims to simplify the development of front-end websites. The great advantage of AngularJS as a programming language is that it allows us to use HTML as a template language. HTML is an excellent declarative language for documents, but that is not the case for application development. Enter AngularJS. AngularJS has as its primary role to enable uninterrupted work on applications and their development. As part of the JavaScript programming language, which is considered by many to be the most popular programming language for improving web applications. Billions of devices across the globe use JavaScript! Flexibility at work and wide application of JavaScript are some of the main reasons why Google Inc. developed AngularJS, which was accepted by an enormous number of developers in a short time. Thus this programming language has taken a high position in the popularity of AngularJS as a programming language.

What is a practical application for Angularjs?

Here are just a few examples of practical applications for AngularJS:

  • 3rd party features integration
  • HTML data binding
  • Security improvement
  • Less coding 
  • Unit testing Improvising 

3rd party features integration

AngularJS is easy to integrate with various 3rd party frameworks. Integration with those 3rd party frameworks brings many new features that improve feature-rich content. Its capabilities to integrate with other frameworks with ease  AngularJS have become one of the most acceptable and most widely used web app development frameworks.

HTML data binding

Even though data binding can now be looked at as an old-school term, it is still important. In software development, data binding is one of the most powerful features. Data binding serves as a bridge between business logic (model part) and a view of the application (view part). There are two types of data binding in AngularJS, one-way data binding and two-way data binding. In some other article, we will detail data binding, for now, you need to know that AngularJS is really good at leveraging data binding. It used to be really difficult for the developers to make two-way binding with ease, so it is obvious that developers are jumping on to AngularJS since it gives them all the necessary resources to do the quick and powerful data binding.

Security improvement

In AngularJS, there is a complete step by step process that you can use to ensure the app data is secured and properly authenticated. AngularJS incorporates security features like context-aware encoding and also features like CSRF protection.

Less coding 

One more reason why AngularJS is really great is there is less coding involved! If you are using AngularJS, you are not required to define the view in HTML, or to manually bind the data, write getters/setters, and much more.

Unit testing Improvising

Given that AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework, this programming language must follow a string to ensure the proper functioning of its creation. Tests are an integral and important part of creating and developing applications because they allow us to check the proper functionality of codes, often extremely complex.

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When should you use Angularjs and what are the benefits?

AngularJS has some advantages which no other JS Framework has. This is the reason why AngularJS has become such a loved framework. With various functionalities, it gives developers and entrepreneurs value for money. AngularJS uses HTML to define the codes for creating appealing user interfaces, and if you are wondering why this is important, the answer is writing less code. We should also mention code reusability as one of the really important benefits of Angularjs. One of the most important features offered by AngularJS is precisely code reusability. This allows efficient use of code that has already been written, which saves a lot of time and effort, and the application development process itself becomes faster and more efficient. Modification of existing applications can also be done efficiently by working only on the necessary changes in the code itself.

Cons of using Angularjs

There are several reasons why AngularJS is considered unsafe to use.

AngularJS is less secure

AngularJS is considered less secure because there is no server authorization, and there is no authentication included in angularjs. By “authorization” we mean granting permission for data access and identifying users by validating credentials. Since AngularJS can’t provide any of these mention features, we are calling it less secure.

AngularJS totally depends on JavaScript

Another downside of using AngularJS is that it depends on JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled, pages would seem like a basic page.

AngularJS time consumption

Sometimes the browsers take some time to render certain pages of the website and applications that are using this framework. The reason behind this problem is because the browsers could be overloaded to perform additional tasks; however, it is less likely that this problem will cause problems on modern mobile devices and computers. This problem is limited only to older devices.

As we can see, AngularJS does not have many negative sides that we could mention to you, which leads us to the conclusion that both platforms are excellent to use. Yes, there are certain downsides, but we find them negligible when looking at the wider picture and that this framework is still worth your attention.

If you would like to learn more about the history of AngularJS, you can find more content on Wikipedia.

If you are looking for senior developers to trust them with your next AngularJS project feel free to contact us.



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