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Guaranteed Software Wins New 5-Star Feedback on Clutch

For over 10 years, Guaranteed Software has been providing reliable development services to many clients. As a team of expert digital engineers, we work closely with our partners to ensure the best possible outcomes to give them the advantages they deserve. Additionally, as the development industry continues to evolve, we aid businesses navigate the changing landscape of the digital industry.

In our mission to deliver top-of-the-line outcomes to our clients, we’re proud to share with your our newest 5-star review on Clutch. 

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Clutch is an established B2B reviews platform that helps firms across the globe connect with the solution providers that they need to improve effectiveness and increase productivity.

Clutch cuts through disorganized market research by collecting client feedback and analyzing industry data, arming businesses with the insights and analysis they need to connect and tackle challenges with confidence. The newest review in our catalog comes from Digest Publishing, a financial publishing company.

In the client’s review, they talked about the challenges that they faced as they adapted to a modern business model. The goal of our ongoing engagement is to develop a web and e-commerce platform that meets the requirements of the client. Here’s what they said about their experience in working with us:

“We’re working with Guaranteed Software in connecting marketing technologies together to build our online profiles and segment new marketing or fulfillment subscription materials to subscribers.

Most of the features that they’ve deployed seem to have success in the long run. They also communicate goals with me really well, so they help me figure out how to do any task correctly the first time around.”

— Megan Hughes, Director of E-Commerce, Digest Publishing

While we’re still working on improving the final deliverable further, we’re happy to say that Digest Publishing is delighted with the collaboration thus far.

“We’re impressed with their technical versatility and ability to take on different types of requests. They’re very skilled to jump into new platforms or APIs just to work with me and understand what our problems are to try and solve them.”

Check out the full case study for more information. Also, we’re on the list of the top companies on Top Design Firms, Clutch’s newest sister platform which showcases leading firms by industry and location.

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Nenad is a Full Stack Digital Marketer with over 5 years of experience in various fields of digital marketing, data analysis, and SEO optimization.
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