What is AngularJS and What is it Used for?

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Is Angularjs the best front-end technology for web development? What is really Angularjs? What is a practical application for Angularjs? When should you use Angularjs and what are the benefits? Cons of using Angularjs Is Angularjs the best front-end technology for web development? We can all agree that we have entered the technological era. The […]

Importance of Magento Migration Service

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Why is Hiring Magento Agency a Smart Move? Table of content: Benefits of Migrating to Magento 2 Necessary Steps Before Starting the Migration Benefits of Using Magento 2 Major Steps You Should Follow When Migrating From Magento 1 to Magento 2 Magento 2 Offers You Improved Performance Magento 2 & SEO Improvement Improved Security With […]

What is PHP used for? PHP 101

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Table of content What is PHP programming? PHP in server-side scripting Writing desktop applications with PHP Command-line scripting Strengths of PHP programming Weaknesses of PHP programming What is PHP programming? PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Although it seems like a demanding programming language, it really isn’t, especially if you have a basic understanding of HTML. […]